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Modules included in the School

The Message

Your effectiveness in evangelism is based on the power of the message.


When you aim for the heart, you will be effective.

Your Testimony

You will learn to give your testimony in just 2 minutes.

Illustrated Messages

Share the Gospel with stories and objects.

Doctrines of the Cross

Go deeper into the Message of the Cross.

Forming an Evangelism Team

Learn how to form an evangelism team in your local church.

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Who is the School of Evangelism for?

If you feel frustrated

If you want to be more effective

If you want to learn to evangelize

If you want more tools

Our School for Effective Evangelism is for you!

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Which plan is best for me?


1. Free Trial. This trial is for you to check out our school with access to the first 2 modules.  You will have access for three days. After that, you will have to decide if you are willing to invest in your development with the Full Access in order to achieve the goal: To be effective at sharing the Gospel.


2. FULL ACCESS. You will have access for an entire year, giving you a chance to complete all the modules and take part in our monthly live sessions. We will help you achieve the goal: To be effective at sharing the Gospel.

Let me help you 

I have been evangelizing for more than 40 years and am surrounded by a team of 20 evangelizers at ONTHEREDBOX, who share the Gospel almost every day of the year in the streets and in person. The ministry has trained thousands of people in 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

Now we are opening our school in English!

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we feel highly fulfilled and approved by God because we are fulfilling his purpose for our lives.

I assure you that if you put into practice what we teach, you will feel the same.

Jacob Bock. Director of ONTHEREDBOX

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